World on the Move: Migration Stories

Volume 2, Number 3
October 2014

Preface: Signing Off and Introducing Open Anthropology's New Editors

The Editor's Note: World on the Move: Migration Stories
Alisse Waterston
Department of Anthropology

John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York

The Methods of Ethnology
Franz Boas - American Anthropologist. Volume 22, Issue 4: 311-321 (1920)
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The Mode and Tempo of the Initial Human Colonisation of Empty Landmasses: Sahul and the Americas Compared
R. Esmée Webb and David J. Rindos - Archeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association. Volume 7: 233-250 (1997)
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How People Moved among Ancient Societies: Broadening the View
Catherine M.  Cameron - American Anthropologist. Volume 115, No. 2: 218-231 (2013)
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On the Run: The Narrative of an Asylum Seeker
Solrun Williksen - Anthropology and Humanism. Volume 29, Issue 2: 117-132 (2004).
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Backed by Papers: Undoing Persons, Histories, and Return
Barbara Yngvesson and Susan Bibler Coutin - American Ethnologist. Volume 33 Number 2:  177-190 (2006)
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Making Immigrants Illegal in Small-Town USA
Hilary Parsons Dick - Journal of Linguistic Anthropology. Vol. 21, Issue S1: E35–E55 (2011)
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Race, Racism, and the History of U.S. Anthropology
Lee D. Baker and Thomas C. Patterson - Transforming Anthropology. Volume 5, Issue 1-2: 1-7 (1994)
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Compassion and Repression: The Moral Economy of Immigration Policies in France
Didier Fassin - Cultural Anthropology. Volume 20, Issue 3: 362-387 (2005)
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How Can Medical Anthropologists Contribute to Contemporary Conversations on “Illegal” Im/migration and Health?
Sarah S. Willen, Jessica Mulligan and Heide Castañeda - Medical Anthropology Quarterly. Volume 25, Issue 3: 331-356 (2011)
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No Pasa Nada: Zapatismo and Visions from the Jungle
Duncan Earle and Jeanne Simonelli - North American Dialogue. Volume 8, Number 2: 1-7 (2005)
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On Latin@s and the Immigration Debate
Arlene Davila, ed., with Leith Mullings, Renato Rosaldo, Luis F. B. Plascencia, Leo R. Chavez, Rocío Magaña, Gilberto Rosas, Ana Aparicio, Lourdes Gutiérrez Nájera, Patricia Zavella, Alyshia Gálvez and Jonathan D. Rosa - American Anthropologist. Volume 116, Issue 1: 146-159 (2014)
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Becoming Luis: A Photo Essay on Growing up in Bolivia
Jerome Crowder - Visual Anthropology Review. Volume 29, Issue 2: 107-122 (2013).
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Book Review: Culture of Empire: American Writers, Mexico, and Mexican Immigrants, 1880–1930 by Gilbert G. González
Nicholas De Genova - Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology. Volume 9, Issue 2: 463-465 (2004)
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Coming Soon! AAA's Public Education Initiative

The AAA Public Education Initiative will explore:

  • The forms of movement that concern us now are not new; people have been moving around for as long as we have traces of humans on the planet. Today, every one of us has such a story in our own lives or in our family histories.
  • Moving is connected to staying put. We need to ask: who is allowed or forced to move and who is not, and who is allowed or forced to stay?
  • There are many interconnected reasons why migration can become important. This initiative will focus on: climate change, changes in economic activities, and competition for political power.
  • Mobility (for whatever reasons) always brings changes in how we live, whether we are among those who move or those who stay: what we eat, how we dress, what we speak, where we live, what we believe. It triggers many feelings, from hope to fear, as much linked to individual lives as to public debates, to individual and family or community strategies or to institutional and state policies and regulations.

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