Disappearing Youth: Youth as a Social Shifter in Botswana
Deborah Durham - American Ethnologist. Vol 31, Issue 4: 589-605 (2004)
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Trials of Navajo Youth: Identity, Healing, and the Struggle for Maturity
Christopher Dole and Thomas J. Csordas - Ethos. Vol 31, Issue 3: 357-384 (2003)
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Timepass: Youth, Class, and Time among Unemployed Young Men in India
Craig Jeffrey - American Ethnologist. Vol 37, Issue 3: 465-481 (2010)
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Those Naughty Teenage Girls: Japanese Kogals, Slang, and Media Assessments
Laura Miller - Journal of Linguistic Anthropology. Vol 14, Issue 2: 225-247 (2004)
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Book Review: Making Their Way: Four Books on Youth, Culture, and Identity
Roslyn Arlin Mickelson - Anthropology and Education Quarterly. Vol 31, Issue 3: 381-389 (2000)
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Circuits and Consequences of Dispossession: The Racialized Realignment of the Public Sphere for U.S. Youth
Michelle Fine and Jessica Ruglis - Transforming Anthropology. Vol 17, Issue 1: 20-33 (2009)
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